Although muscle strains are often sports related injuries they can happen to anyone at any time. Physical exertion and sudden movements can cause muscle strains and so you could injure yourself when simply doing the garden or running for the bus. Muscle strains are more likely if you play sports without warming up properly, if muscles are tight, fatigued or weak and if you return to activity too soon after an injury. Compensating for an injury can result in an imbalance and this can also increase the chances of a muscle strain.

Injuries to the muscles can occur in all areas of the body and can vary in severity from the tearing of only a few fibres to a complete muscle tear which severely limits your strength and movement. The symptoms of a muscle strain are as follows:

  • Swelling, bruising or redness in the affected area
  • Pain or tenderness at the site of the injury
  • Pain when you move
  • Pain when you are immobile
  • Weakness in the affected area


How an Osteopath Can Help

Through a thorough examination and by reviewing your case history we will determine the nature of your injury and its severity. We will also look at other areas of the body and consider your general level of fitness to discover what factors may have played a role in you having sustained an injury. People often injure themselves because their joints and muscles are stiff or weak and therefore cannot cope with the demands placed upon them. Such restriction in movement is often a contributory factor in strains and tears. Weak muscles can also cause imbalances in the body which in turn make injuries more likely. It is crucial to address your general wellbeing and to see if there are lifestyle issues which are making you more vulnerable to muscle strains.

Our treatment will focus on reducing the pain associated with muscle strains and promoting improved circulation in affected areas as this can speed up your recovery time. Through the massage of the soft tissues and manipulation we will enhance freedom of movement and flexibility. We will treat related structures to strengthen them as this will hasten recovery and help to prevent similar episodes in the future.

We will then suggest exercises and stretches which will help with movement, flexibility and strength. This will ensure that you continue to recover more quickly and that you reduce the possibility of further injuries. We may also be able to suggest lifestyle changes which will help. Your muscle strain treatment in Witney will address your injury, the causes of your injury and your general wellbeing.


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